10 Nevers

So, I put together 10 “nevers”, words of advice for everyone.

10. Never call 911, ever, for any reason. You may need a fire-fighter or a paramedic, but if you call 911 chances are that cops will show up, and cops like dealing charges.

9. Never talk about doing something unless you absolutely plan to do it.

8. Never physically hurt a lady.

7. Never discuss sex with anyone involved in BDSM, you may be having coffee one minute and getting a golden shower the next.

6. Never build a house within ear shot of the train tracks.

5. Never antagonize an Iguana, ever.

4. Never burn time waiting for a flight in the airport bar.

3. Never drive yourself to a bar; those places are like those electric fly killers; the cops hang out by them and then ZAP! You’re dead.

2. Never use drugs.

1. If you happen to be using drugs, Never pay a dollar a milligram for ANYTHING. Kill the pusher and bury them for even suggesting such a thing.

There you go, now make up your own!

(Many of these remind me of things Matt experienced. For instance, he called me one day and was just freaked out because he was walking on the sidewalk, having just left a friend’s house, and was attacked by a rottweiler. This lady was loading the dog into her car from the house and didn’t see Matt walking, so she didn’t have a good hold on the dog, and it charged Matt and bit him several times in the rear and back of his leg. This happened in a nice neighborhood and directly across the street from a school. I was so upset thinking about how he could get an infection and someone else could also get attached. So,  I talked him into going to the hospital and getting stitches. I was just adamant.

At the hospital they had to do a police report. Long story short, Matt had outstanding fines he didn’t pay and didn’t know about, and the police put him in jail. He got bit by a vicious dog, and he went to jail. I bet the 911 comment had something to do with this. This happened in Oshkosh just after he landed his first job there. As he was under probation, he was supposed to be notified of fines. However, his PO did not notify him. Oh, was he ever ticked!

If you would like to add to his list, feel free.  Matt’s mom)

11 thoughts on “10 Nevers

  1. What I like most about your blog is that you let people see Matt was so much more than his addiction. I work in the treatment field and try to see beyond the addiction in all my patients…see a good mom, a hard worker, a loving heart…those things get lost in the stereotypes many people have associated with the word “addict.”


  2. I think you are a truly amazing woman. You have a truly amazing son. I am sure he is looking down on you and is so proud of you doing this blog. Someone in my family works with addicts to help them realise why they started using. A big part of that is they have to tell their life story.
    By telling Matt’s story you are directly helping addicts who are reading this. They may go on to do a blog about their life story.
    Thank you so much for being who you are. Thank you so much for sharing your son with the world. Much love , Karen x


    • Uhmmmm, like wow, that is such an undeserved yet so appreciated compliment. It actually brought tears on. You are so very kind, truly, kind. However, the part about the truly amazing son is an understatement, he was and is superultraomniexcellent. So very glad you like Matt too. And, I bet he can see your comment in heaven too. Hey, remember him when you get there and look us up. We’ll be the two hugging uncontrollably while laughing at how unimportant the important things here seem. X, Matt’s mom.


      • It was a totally deserved compliment. What you are doing IS truly amazing.
        As I said before, someone very close to me in my family works with drug addicts. Both those still using and those who have very recently stopped.
        When people think of addicts, they think of someone whith no heart, feelings, talent or soul. Thats simply NOT the case. They may be a little lost, but does that mean we give up on them and throw them in prison?? That does not address the illness. I do think it is an illness and as such it should not be treated not in a criminal way, but from a health perspective. With love and care.
        Not all addicts are out robbing people to fund their habbit. Many simply wait for their Doctor to fill their next script.
        Matt showed such great insight into exactly when his addiction started. A lot of people cant do this. A lot give up on themselves as they see the world has given up on them. But not Matt, and not you.
        Thank you for sharing this with the world. I guarantee it will be helping someone, somewhere. You are a star! Much love, Karen x


        • I so feel the same way about addicts being people. I also 100% agree that those going in front of courts on only drug charges need help not a record; records only make things worse for them. If people just would look at the problem as one that could better be stopped with treatment and not more court time, I believe we could lower the tax burden and help some wonderful people live free.
          Matt did have great insight, didn’t he? He really had a way of sifting things down to the real part in just a few words. I sure do hope his words were not in vain. Thanks for giving me the motivation to keep up this blog!
          Love you more, Jane


  3. Always call 911 – there are Good Samaritan Laws in many states now that protect the person who overdosed and the person who called from facing any criminal charges at all, this Law was created to save the lives and remove the fear of the legal ramifications.


    • Thanks Sidda. I think you are the first Sidda I have ever met; nice name. You are quite correct on the Good Samaritan Laws too. Whenever anyone is in danger of death, the laws should never be even considered. I couldn’t care less if I was in trouble legally to save a life. Just think how one would feel running from an incident and letting someone die; that in itself would be a mental death sentence.


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