July 19, Sunday, 2009

Well, as expected I woke up dope sick as hell.  Decided to make my way to A.C_____’s place in order to score just enough to get off this sick feeling.  I found out that her bottle of percocet 10/325 was lying right out in the kitchen.  I was shocked!  I conned her into giving me 3, which would have done me just fine, but no, never enough for me to just make do–I had to get high.  I ended up swiping an additional 8.5 tabs.  The half one is what killed me because it was the “marker” in the bottle. L____ went for one for his daughter, discovered that half missing, and then A.C____ counted her whole bottle–I almost had a heart attack!!  She didn’t say anything on the ride home, but she has to know–I feel terrible, but more just nervous that I may have been caught.  I gotta stop this madness; it’s not worth it at all.  I could kill my relationship with these wonderful people, which would be terrible for everyone, just for a few pills.

Talked some more with C___G____.  I think he may move to Oshkosh and I could help him. Talked to E____ too, hope she comes around real soon!

Intake:  95 mg oxycodone, 1 mg klonopin

I appreciate every comment

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