July 21, Tuesday, 2009

Well, today was actually a really big, good day for me, so much happened! It started when I scored big on the morphine–my dealer came by and fronted me 90 mg! See? What a nice guy.  I’ll even be able to pay him back via valium, so good for me.  A____ came by next and got high.  I got her a job working for the old dentist, S_____. She is thrilled and so am I that I could help her out; makes me feel great when I help other people.

Work was strange too.  I had to go in and take this stupid-ass piddley test, which was all bull s**t.  We then proceeded to have a big “meeting” with all the kitchen staff in attendance.  Nothing of importance was discussed, but you wouldn’t know it from the tone of the whole thing–M__H__, the ‘boss’ so to speak of the kitchen was doing all he could to put off responsibility of the terrible way this place is run onto all of us.  It didn’t work.  Everyone knows he is worthless.  I got stuck there from 2 pm until I had to leave a 8:30.  R___ FINALLY QUIT!! Thank God! What a worthless asshole he was.   I am so happy that I won’t have to deal with him any longer, whatever happens.  I hope to finally move to the top spot at this restaurant.  I feel they don’t think that I’m capable, but I will prove it to them one way or another.  I’m going to talk to them about taking on R___’s responsibilities as soon as I go in tomorrow.  I’m worried they may turn me down for that incompetent T____, worthless too!

On Facebook I saw K_____E_____ say that Uncle J____ wants to send me a plane ticket to Cleaveland sometime soon.  That would be f***ing awesome! I would be really happy to explore the family again, maybe scout Cleaveland as a new place to live and work, who knows?  I’m as free as the wind now, and looking for the next opportunity.  I would really like to know my father’s side of the family, always wanted to, this may be my chance!

Anyways, it’s been a great day, mixed in ways, but cool nonetheless.

Intake: 105 mg morphine IV

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