July 23, Thursday, 2009


Well, today was a great day, a carbon-copy of yesterday except I didn’t have to work and got paid–$397 this week, of which $120 was spent on dope.  I have to pay my note interest this week for $55, which is also considered an old drug debt, so all told I’ve spent $175 on dope, almost half of my total income, and I wonder why I haven’t been traveling? This needs to stop.

A____got the dentist job today–she  is so happy, and I am happy for her.  We got really high, again, smoked a lot of good weed and then shot 45 mg morphine a piece.  I can see from reading this journal that my drug use is the centerpiece of my entire lifestyle.  Needs to stop before this gets any worse.  A___ really needs to stop because she has so much going for her; she will lose it all here again, we’ll see.

Average day, a few trips to the dealers, and a burn-cruise, another day wasted.  My intestines are plugged up really bad today too; it’s going to suck going potty when I finally do. A sunny, beautiful summer day of my prime youth, spent getting high and blowing hard-earned cash.  Need to stop wasting these wonderful days in my life.

Intake: smoked twice, 105 mg morphine IV

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