July 30, Thursday, 2009 rating 7/10


Matt with a group of kids on the Guatamalan Boarder



Today was a pretty boring day off, until I met Baldwin and had a truly cultural experience!

I was walking to Joey’s trying to get a bag when I happened upon Baldwin, this Black guy I had met a few times before, briefly.  I saw him every time with a pipe in his hand, so I figured I could get a bag from him–which we did.  I took an amazing ride with this guy, and I got to see life from his point of view–Everything was Black!  I got to see the whole Black community in Oshkosh, one I didn’t ever get to see before.  I bought a dime and smoked up with this guy and just talked about shit, history, life, ect.  It was very deep and moving.  It’s something I seek in life; it’s something I love.

Intake:  85 mg hydoco, oral, smoked

(Matt just had this very good filter for people and would approach anyone he had a good feeling about without any hesitation. He never really looked at differences as points of fear but more as points of curiousity. You may be thinking that he was one of those irritating people that say something to you in the grocery store, the kind that look you in the eyes and ask how to pick out a good cantelope. No, he wasn’t creepy like that at all. In fact he had the best sense for creeps himself. He called it his creep meter. When someone was around that was giving off something, Matt could nail it like a polar bear smells a seal miles away. He would look at the guy/girl/ group, notice their stance, gestures, eyes, something and say, “Hey, what do you think? My creep meter is pegging right now.” And, he was usually right on. Just had a good sense for people. Well, this guy “Baldwin” became one of his best friends; he had Matt over to his apartment, introduced him to his whole family, and spent many nights laughing and playing cribbage. Matt finally found someone that was real. Matt’s mom)

2 thoughts on “July 30, Thursday, 2009 rating 7/10

  1. Oh my goodness did this blog sound JUST like me!!! I have my creep meter too… when I go out with my mom I am always pointing them out she’s like “Oh Abby your the creep” and we laugh… I do it with my husband too I am a BIG people watcher and can tell a creep when I see one, can tell an addict when I see one.. I am usually the one that gets approached in the checkout line in the store, or picking out vegetables… my mom always tells me “Anybody will talk to you, and you will talk right back” and I will.. but I always remind her not to worry because my creep radar is ALWAYS on:) I think Matt and I would have been good friends:) I was smiling through this knowing exactly what you were saying!! SO glad to have found you!!!


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