A very excellent person, not just a junkie. 25 facts about me, by Matt

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1.My name is Matt, and I was born in St. Louis MO.

2. I grew up in Colorado, and feel very lucky to have; it’s a cool state that breeds and produces cool, interesting people. I miss it very much, and hope that I end up “home” again one day.

3. I like the darker side of reality–I like poor people, criminals, prisoners, drug addicts, illegal workers. To me there is a much more colorful story in trouble than there is in success. I like to know and understand people inside of this struggle.  I like their perspective; it’s quite fascinating.

4. I spent a little time behind bars, big whoop, wanna fight about it? (family guy reference). It was life changing, and it taught me a lot about who I was and what I was in relation to the rest of the world. It calmed me down a lot, maybe too much. I’m quite a prude nowadays (depending on who you ask).

5. The only secrets I have trouble keeping are my own. I like to tell people about myself, and a lot of the time telling the truth gets me into trouble somewhere down the line.

6. I like to help other people. I have some strange ability to help others out, especially in areas where it seems I can’t help myself most times. I find this very strange at times.

7. I like to travel, and I want to live for travel for the next ten years (and beyond). It is something that just teaches you things that you can’t get anywhere else. It makes life full to see what there is to see. I like to experience as much through the eyes of others as I can.

8. Life is a journey. Keep this in mind, take heed of everything you see and try your best to regret nothing (even if it was terrible). Sometimes this is the only thing that keeps me going through the “rough” times. Don’t look at things in terms of good and bad, don’t lay down to societies opinion of what success is, do your own thing, understand that it will certainly all be over before you know it.

9. I hate, hate, hate denim. I haven’t worn denim on any part of my body in about 15 years, and will continue trying not to wear any for the forseeable future.

10. I like to think…..a lot. I think about everything, from as many different angles as possible. sometimes I think so much to my own detriment! I also believe in “over-thinking” and I do this on a daily basis.

11. I smoke cigarettes like a chimney, don’t pay attention to my diet, but I also exercise quite vigorously on a daily basis – running, biking, whatever. I am a contradiction in this aspect.

12. I can’t figure out why I can drink alcohol without having any problems with either moderation or abuse. This is a mystery to me considering that everything else I do is always to the very end of whatever it can stand. I’m quite thankful for this ability, but don’t really exercise it too much. I’m just not a big alcohol fan.

13. I hate change (just like the rest of you). I resist it, and resist it, but it comes anyways – always. I’m getting better with rolling along on the road, but it still sucks at first- always.

14. I love to read and write poetry.

15. Music adds a lot of color to my everyday life. I look around at other people who don’t take music as seriously and I think that they are crazy, I mean come now, EVERYONE should be as excited as me when a really good song comes on the radio, and people should be able to distinguish good music that means something from something that doesn’t.

16. I have a “strong dislike” for the Federal Government. I won’t say “hate” because the FBI would probably be at my door tomorrow morning. Generally, and overall, I really just don’t like “the state”.  I think the government has too much sway in people’s lives and affairs, and  people are being pacified while they lose their rights wholesale.

17. I hope to understand who I am and why I am on the earth by the time I die. My life is seeking this meaning, looking for it everywhere.

18. I haven’t served my purpose on the Earth yet, and this is a very tangible feeling; it’s something that eats away at you, makes you restless.

19. I like to joke, and I love to laugh. I think that I will try comedy one day soon. A lot of the time, if you get me started, I just talk too much. I’m very vocal, very out-going most times.

20. I really don’t like violence. I don’t enjoy watching it on tv or in the movies (mostly). I think that pain and suffering don’t have the respect they deserve, and this view in our society makes it possible for people to perpetrate great acts of violence on their own society, without appreciating the gravity of their actions. There are so many more fulfilling things to derive pleasure out of than watching people get cut up or shot in the movies – go find out.

21. Once upon a time I fell in love with a girl, I never got over it, and I never will.

22. Although I don’t get the chance much anymore I like to be romantic. I love love, and I think that it is the most powerful thing I have ever discovered on the Earth.  Say what you will, but when you really fall in love you know it.

23. I live in the summer time, and I am asleep all winter.  In fact, I think that it’s fair to say that I do not exist between the months of November and March.

24. I have A LOT of problems, all of the time, but not drama. No no no, I am “anti-drama” anti- everything that has to do with people complaining more than they actually suffer. Keep in mind IT ISN”T RELATIVE.

25. I desire to respect everyone who I come in contact with. I also want to learn from everyone I come in contact with, and if it’s possible I would like to be friends with the entire planet! “be always kind to others” and you can’t really go wrong.

(Okay, so is this what you expect a junkie to be like? Are you like this? If so, then you must be a junkie too. NO? Excellent! But, hopefully you can see that those caught in addictions are just people, and many of them excellent people. I am starting to see that so many of us like to curl our lips in disgust at others when in fact we are just several DNA markers away from being the same thing. Are you fat? Okay with me, I can see past that. Are you scared of dirt? Okay with me, I can see past that. Are you in debt up to your molars gurgling on dollars spent? Okay with me… Do you smoke like a Chevy Vega? Okay with me…. Do you spend more time at the gym than anything else? Okay with me… Do you walk past anything that reflects your image and check your butt? Many things trap people, some of them innocuous, and some of them kill. I am okay with YOU, and your addiction is not part of YOU. I will hate your addiction and not hate you. Therefore, I suggest you reply to Matt’s suggestion and list 25 things about YOU. And, I would bet Matt’s reading them from Heaven too.  Matt’s mom)

3 thoughts on “A very excellent person, not just a junkie. 25 facts about me, by Matt

  1. Pues, Ud es tan especial, por supuesto. Yo vivia en Mexico, el sur. Me pase por DF, y no me gusto mucho. El sabor me daba … no se como esplicar el sentido, era como pasar por los estremos. Habian los ricos pobres, y tambien los pobres ricos; al medio lo libertinaje. Esta palabra no tiene traducion en ingles. Sabe Ud que tenia yo una profesora que me decia siempre que El Espanol es la lengua de Dios? Para que los demas pudieran ser includidos debo escribir el Inlges. Pero, lo lamento por es dificil cuando se habla de la corazon.

    So, the Federal District? What a beautiful monster. I love #20 as I feel the same way. I have found that a balance of giving in to the feelings while considering that others do not feel the same is the key. I also don’t beleive that ADHD in its lower levels needs the meds. I blame video games and TV for this phenomena. Kids brains are easily programmed to accept high level input for short spurts.

    I too like the serenity prayer. However, I better like the Psalms, especially the 50’s and 60’s, not much serenity there. I am starting to realize that God will hear the pleads of those who ask for the feet of the evil to be caught in their own traps.

    Okay, the bug one is odd. Mexico is the only place where I was required to eat them. The red crickets were sort of good, peppery. However, I totally refused the worms and ate brain enchiladas instead. Mattew refused all though. He stuck strictly to baked plantians, rice/beans, and corn tortillas with cream, yummy. But, the bugs were truly everywhere so I can understand both the fear of them and the need to eat them. The scorpions were at first horrifying as they were so large, but with time they were quite avoidable. The taranchalus were noctornal, so they didn’t bother me much as I only smushed them with the tires on the car. Thanks for sharing the bug fear. It really made me think. I have fears like that too.

    What I see as the biggest theme in your 25 is family and love. Honestly, that is what I loved the most about Mexico more than anywhere else I have lived in this whole world. Mexico has to be the most close-knit, loving, supportive group ever. Ever. You are so very blessed for having this upbringing! You experienced God’s relationship with us, close to the end. I envy you. I hope you rub off on me. I know your true understanding of real relationships will rub off on your clients. Thanks again for visiting me. You are an honored guest.

    Oh, what is that instrument? Erhu?

    Hugs, Jane


  2. Hola Jane. Muchas gracias por tu mensaje en mi blog. Gracias por escribirlo en Espanol (Spanish). That made me feel very very special.

    I am like Matt in many ways. I like helping people. I know that my Higher Power, my dad, my brother (wherever he is), and Matt and many others will help me help others. I know that.

    Matt and Jane:

    1) My name is Samantha; 2) I was born in Mexico City, one of the biggest cities in the world, and I’m sure you, Matt, would find my hometown really cool, regardless of what many people say about it. 3) I like helping people. 4) I know people need more love and compassion, and they don’t receive even half of it in their entire lives, and that makes me sad. 5) I love to read and I love music. 6) I’m shy and an introvert, more than people can possibly imagine. 7) I miss my dad so much. 7) My family is the most beautiful gift. 8) I work hard for everything. 9) I want to be a better person every day. 10) I want to understand myself better. 11) I want to have babies. 12) I would love to adopt babies. 13) I learn languages easily. 14) I want to learn how to play the Erhu. 15) I want to travel, and bring my family with me. 16) I’m afraid of bugs and don’t know why. 17) Sometimes I feel that I haven’t accomplished much. 18) I was diagnosed with Grave’s disease in 2011; it is now in remission. 19) I want to be a good addictions counselor. 20) I want to be able to control my anxiety; that makes me anxious. 21) I don’t like and don’t believe in ADHD; I am against putting children on drugs just because adults don’t know how to handle them correctly. Schools should be designed to provide different educational methods to meet different children’s needs. 22) I wish the offer more support and opportunities for international students, like me, so we could afford going to school. I would love to learn Japanese and get a master’s in counseling, but I can’t afford it. But it is because of those limitations and restrictions that I won’t give up. 23) I like the serenity prayer. 24) I want people to remember me as someone that helped them in some way, whether they liked me or not, just as someone that made brought some positive change in their lives. 25)_________________. The last one is for the people in my life, present and past, to fill in.

    Love the addict. Hate the addiction.

    Thanks Matt. Thanks Jane.


  3. Your son and my son could have been good friends. i absolutely know that any person can be an addict – there is no stereotype. Here are 25 quick things about me:
    (1) I feel like I came into life to accomplish something important, but often feel like I’m not accomplishing anything; (2) I love singing; (3) I believe in God (and try not to box God into a religious box); (4) I still sometimes blame myself for not seeing my boys’ drug use sooner (like I could have stopped addiction by intervening earlier); (5) walking along any shore gives me peace; (6) I cannot pull off a practical joke to save my life; (7) Live music outdoors is my nirvana; (8) I’m broke and very under-employed at 53; (9) I believe all healing is possible; (10) I LOVE festivals! (11) I live for raising up the downtrodden; (12) I want to take all my retirement money, buy a small trailer, and hit the road through America’s landscape; (13) I write and perform poetry; (14) I think I’m pretty, even now; (15) sex makes me nervous – too many bad experiences; (16) I love hot fudge sundaes; (17) I do my best to live an honest life; (18) I love nature photography; (19) I preach “no fear” but sometimes my own fear paralyzes me; (20) I’m an empty-nester this year; (21) I make great soups; (22) I am blessed with many real, lasting friendships; (23) I had a bad drug trip in college and haven’t been able to watch scary movies since; (24) I don’t know what to do next; (25) I am grateful for the parent-of-addict bloggers who have helped me stay sane over these past two years!


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