August 3, Monday, 2009 rated 6.75 (Methadone, etc.)

(Sorry for missing this page. Out of order as I skipped by accident.)

Went back to Cindy’s today and assisted her with washing the ceilings.  On my way over I stopped at Will’s,  (? word) Baldwin again.  This time he was talking about buying some rocks, sorta surprised me because I thought he had been a “non-crack head” for a few years.  The day was once again classic.  Started with some severe thunder storms early this morning, but wore on into a beautiful and breezy August day.  I took a ride with Cindy to Wal-Mart, talked on the phone with Bill and also with Dan for a while.  From Cindy’s I went to work, and I worked with Joel tonight.  I love working with that guy, such a great human character.  Work went well, a little busy for a Monday, but things are back in order after EAA.   I can see on the schedule that my hours are secure for the next few weeks anyways, that I really like.  I’m getting excited to see Jessie next week, and my mother later on in the month.  August is looking up from here, we’ll see how well it goes.

Intake:  10 mg. methadone, 30 mg oxyco, oral

(Anyone know how Matt was able to get methadone and oxyco? I know from his papers and cards from his apartment that he went to a methadone clinic, but I just am a bit curious as to how that all works. He never told me that he was on methadone. I have seen others on it: eyes rolling and checking out for maybe 30 seconds and then coming back. But, Matt never did that at all.)

2 thoughts on “August 3, Monday, 2009 rated 6.75 (Methadone, etc.)

  1. I never “nodded” out on methadone. But I also never took more than 10mgs/day. It’s easy to get methadone from the clinic and on the streets, at least here in Florida. I actually liked it better than oxy. Kept me high for 12 hours instead of 4 (or less as my addiction got worse and I took more). And it was ALOT cheaper. It also got me alot higher with fewer milligrams.


    • I should have elaborated that you usually only “nod” at higher doses. Also depends on your tolerance. But judging from Matt’s recorded intake,10mgs of methadone would not have made him nod out or even high really. It would just keep him from getting wd’s.


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