August 8, Saturday, 2009 rated 4.5 (Junkie’s game)


Today was a fairly boring and average day.  I went to cash in a flash and rolled both of my loans, all because I needed the extra money for dope; Kelly gave me a ride.  We then went to the park, walked out to the point with Chad, smoked some MJ, just me anyways, and then I walked Nevada street home, a long ways in 85° heat!!

Work was alright, it went smoothly.  April gave me a ride home and tried feeding me some shit about not being hooked up very well–bullshit, it’s all part of the junkie’s game.  She’s been just fine, probably better than me! Her lose when the valiums come in.

Elly’s car was broken into in the restaurant’s parking lot, passenger window smashed, purse stolen–just like what happened to Ana about a month ago.  I guess they have a serial burglar on their hands, kinda scary because this happened during day light hours!!

Tess switched shifts with me, and now my plans with Jessie are a lock for Wednesday, great!

Intake: Ø day one, smoked

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