August 14, Friday, 2009 (dope sick)

What a day to be dope sick!  A sunny August Friday with a full seven hours of work!  It was not a pleasant day for me today.  I spent most of my morning chasing down my Valium, and the $15 I needed for them.  Any normal day would be great to have Valiums because they are coveted by the junkies around me, traded easily for things I like better, but not today.  Today my dealer was out.  His old lady was crying she was so f**king sick.  His next door neighbor was out also, but I turned him on in hopes of scoring a 10 methadone tomorrow morn.  We’ll see.

Work was shit.  I took an 80 mg concerta that I had lying around in hopes that it would push me through my shift.  I haven’t decided whether or not it helped any.  I felt it, but I still felt pretty sick, strange too.  I’m starting to hate work.

Anyways, tomorrow is another day.  I have these vals to help me sleep tonight, and tomorrow I have a few prospects.  Damn, I just need to quit.

Intake: Ø day one, 20 mg diazepam

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