August 15, Saturday, 2009 rated 5 (God and diazepam)

Today was average, as many of my days are.  I ended up trading some valuims for a few methadones, thank God, got me straight for work.  Now I’m out of valium, but I have credit with my dealer for Tuesday next.

Stopped at Cindy’s, had a great Biblical conversation with Lennie [Cindy’s husband].   It was quite intense, very nice, we really connected for once in a great while.  I really like Lennie, such a nice and good person he is.  He just emanates it wherever he goes.

Work went so/so today.  I look forward to that concerta!  I had to take 5 valiums all told just to get through the night.  What a terrible experience.

Talked with Ron on the phone for a bit, that was nice; wow, he really has changed for the better, no drugs, no alcohol, doing quite well, bought a car.  I’m happy for him.  I hope to see him really soon!!!

Intake:  20 mg methadone, 45 mg diazepam oral


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