August 17, Monday, 2009 (old junkie and still angry about being preached to)

Spent today helping Bob (the old junkie antique collector with lyme disease) clean out his bedroom–wow, was that place ever a pit.  I felt so bad for him because he lives in such squalor.  Being a sick, old junkie will do that to you, on top of being a pack rat.

I spent a lot of the day feeling angry about yesterday and the way Cindy got hypocritical with me regarding the whole drug issue.  I must admit that I am quite the junkie, but they never see it, despite pretending to once in a while.  I do nothing to indicate this, and even if I did she would still have no basis to preach to me about anything!  She’s addicted to percocet like crazy, and she won’t be off MJ for very much longer either, despite what Lennie feels like doing with church, God, etc.  That shit just won’t last long at all.

Work went well enough.  I finally got on the same level as Kevin.  He really surprised me by being really mature tonight.  I hope it lasts.

Intake:  5 mg methadone, oral


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