August 19, Wednesday, 2009 rated 5.5 (coworkers are gay, Junkies are interesting)

Today was fairly boring and average.  I had five methadone this morning, took three and just chilled until I went to work.  Walked to Joey’s and picked up some loose tobacco; that was interesting.  Sat and talked with Kris and Bob for about an hour.  I always find junkie culture interesting, more so than regular people’s culture, the culture of money was never interesting to me.  The culture of poverty is, however, deep and real.

Work was interesting–Mac the boss of me in the kitchen started my day by bitching about piddley shit (as always).  He always ends his spiel by threatening my job.  I took care of this by talking to Elta after work, something I rarely do.  I even mustered up some tears to drive the point home!  I worked quite well and I think I have Elta on my side now, my job is more secure after today!

Found out also that the two best workers in the kitchen are gay!  Aretha and Jeff, both homosexuals!!  I knew Jeff was, but I wasn’t quite sure about Aretha.  Now I know!  I’m strangely okay with it; they are superb workers!

Intake:  50 mg. methadone, oral

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