August 21, Friday 2009 rated 5.5 (roommate is depressed)

Today was normal again, neither bad nor good.  It was cold outside for August, a definite sign fall is on its way.  I have recently realized that my roommate John is severely depressed and that’s why I think he is super dick-head about everything.  Just now his dog, Hunter, scratched on my door wanting into my room!  THat NEVER happens, even his damn dog, which he’s owned for about a decade, doesn’t want to be around him–the dog was actually happy when I got home today.  This REALLY surprised me, the dog can feel the energy, and it’s negative!  I wonder if John will snap out of this or what will happen.

Work is going a lot better.  I’m starting to get respect from the rest of the staff, as well as respect from above for my hard work.  The only one that has yet to fall into line is Tess–Mac told me he spoke to her yesterday and told her that I was the boss now. We’ll see what she does next.

I have yet to get the percocet Cindy owes me, that’ll be a trip!  She’s more of a hypocrite by the day!

Intake:  45 mg methadone, oral

I appreciate every comment

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