August 22, Saturday 2009 rated 3 (argument with roommate)

Wow, really bad day today.  Since the beginning of summer my roommate/ landlord John has just become more of an ass, more of a control freak, more of a hypocrite each day–it’s to the point where I’ve just been out-right avoiding this guy whenever possible.  I’ve spent a lot of alone time im my room lately.  Anyways, I’ve come to the point where I’m tired of being treated like shit for no reason by this guy.  I get treated like I’m his guest instead fo a paying resident of this house.  He walks all over me, and I have just been letting it happen because I hate any confrontation, but everyone has their limits!  Today I was accused of using his shaving cream, which I didn’t, and I finally stood up for myself, just let him have the full brunt of my defense, and it caught him off-guard, and he got really pissed and told me I should find another place to live, at which point I retreated a little (I  shouldn’t have; I should’ve been ready).  We proceeded to get into quite the argument/discussion about how things go around here/  At some point I brought up the fact that this guy smokes in his room after outlawing smoking n the house, AND telling me that I couldn’t even smoke in MY room. Now that caught him off guard, and he realized that he had been exposed as not only a hypocrite, but also as a bold-faced liar!  He knew it too.  He felt bad at begin caught ,not that he did it, just being caught.  He is such an idiot though.  I saw the ash tray through the open door in his room.  He tried accusing me again:  How did you know I was smoking in my room unless you were in there?  I told him, but I should have said “Idiot” at the end.  He’s always accusing me of stupid shit.  After realizing what the loss of $320 would mean to his bottom line he backed off ever so slightly, but the damage has been f**king done!  I’m out of this F**ker as soon as I can find a new situation!  In fact, I would ideally like to find a place sometime in the next 8 days, move all of my stuff out secretly, and then come Sept. 1 tell him to com e up with a refund of my damn $320!!!

I have to do something, I won’t be here passed Oct 1 unless he comes up with a pretty damn slick apology and a commitment to treat me with some respect, realistically though I should probably just get out despite what he may or may not do.  He’s always been a real negative asshole type guy. I’m tired of having to tip-toe around this place avoiding his horrible negative energy–it’s tiring.  I really have met few people as foolish, lazy, hypocritical, and mean-spirited as this guy is.  He is just a real waste of a human-being, a nobody who treats everyone around him with absolute contempt.  I think I’m out of here!

Intake:  50 mg methadone, oral

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