Augus 27, Thursday 2009, rated 3.5 (Very depressed)

Had the day off today, but it was still horrible.  I felt terribly depressed all day long, felt like crying most of the day also.  I thought I had enough narcs to get off real good, but it didn’t satisfy all day for some reason.  I felt something strange, a twinge of AS creeping in.  It shouldn’t start until tomorrow or Saturday.  I think it’s all in my head really; this depression is playing tricks on my damn mind.

Talked with mom today.  I’ll be going home Sept 13th!! Hope I can get clean by then, or stable on something, but prefer clean.  It’s going to be super hard.  I start tomorrow, and I figure at the rate I’ve been going through the summer it will take me about 7 or 10 days to get completely off. That’s 7 to 10 days of being just god-awful sick.  I started taking the amitriptylene today, for withdrawal as well as depression.  Hope tomorrow is better.

Intake:  100 mg oxyco, 10 mg hydroco, 400 mg propxyplene, oral

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