August 28, Friday 2009 rated 4 (crying)

Today was another depressing, horrible day.  I sat at Cindy’s until 2:30 just feeling all crying, and sad, and down-right lethargic.  Barely made it through work. April (luckily) spit me 2 of the vikes I gave her the other day, which just took the edge off, made work just bearable. I don’t quite have full AS, but tomorrow I should, and I have to work! Damn!.  April also smoked a bowl with me in the parking lot at work that helped a little.  I really hope the amitriptylene is going to help.  I’d like to kick WAY down, and get clean for a few days.

Intake:  10 mg hydroco, oral, smoked (day .5)

I appreciate every comment

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