August 29, Saturday 2009 rated 5 (detox and amitriptelene)

Matthew in the fall with little sissy. How he dreaded the on set of fall as this meant summer was over

Detox is going quite well; I’m really surprised that I’m not hurting more.  Let’s see, here is how I’m beating it today–100 mg amitriptylene and a centrum vitamin at bed-time.  I’m making sure to eat well all the time, and today I was able to score some darvocet; boy does that ever help with the physical symptoms, but it surely doesn’t ever get you high.  I was also able to smoke with Kelly, and that helps with some thanks too.

Today was a cold, dreary, shitty, and rainy day outside–felt like fall.  Tonight is the first night that I am sleeping with my windows closed since probably May.  Work was work, nothing spectacular happened.  The amitriptelene is helping the depressions I think, so I wasn’t nearly as down today as the past few days.  I’m looking forward to the week ahead now a little more.

Intake: Detox, day 2, 300 mg propox, smoked

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