August 30, 2009 Sunday rated 4.75 (drunk, friends, detox)

I’m writing this half-drunk, decided to have a few Kessler’s, just to feel a little better.  Still horribly depressed.  Really hope the amiltriptelene kicks in sometime soon.

Hug out with Dave and Kelly today.  Smoked a little.  Helped Dave sit up a tent; it was sunny out, but still a little bit on the cool side.  I talked with Rob tonight; he has lost his job because of some bullshit.  I felt so bad for him and his family that I ended up getting depressed myself.

Chatted with Renee and Kimmy on Facebook.  They tried lifting my spirits, but I still feel down.

I’m on day 3 of my detox.  I ate some more darvocet today, so I hope I’ll not hit bottom so hard.

I wish I could just be happy.

Intake: DETOX, day 3, 200 mg propx oral, smoked


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