August 31, Monday 2009 rated 5.75 (detoxing and vitamins, depression lifting, summer wasted )

I HAD NO OPIATES TODAY WHAT-SO-EVER!!  I feel fine, a little lethargic, but nothing major, barely noticeable.  I’m really surprised that I’ve made it 4 whole days now of DETOX and I haven’t gone nuts, or suffered all that much.  I’ts been quite an easy detox.   I think the vitamins and amiltrip have a big role in that.  I hope that I continue to feel well, and i don’t get surprised with detox later on.

Hung out with April for a good portion of the afternoon.  We did a burn-curise, and after that we hugn out at the dentist office, a real nice way to spend the afternoon before work.

The depression seems to be lifting at the moment anyways.  Somebody cares enough to pray for me I guess.  I hope for continued sunny days!

Good bye summer 2009, another one wasted…

Intake: Ø, Detox day 4, smoked

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