Sept. 2, Wed. 2009 rated 5

Today was a day full of walking.  Man, I must have walked 4 miles or more today.  First, down to the pharm. to try to get my prescriptions filled, which didn’t even work, so I ended up having another sober day–my sixth straight, which was nice to notice.

Work went well. It was slow; I was really glad for that because I didn’t have a full crew.  Work in general has been deteriorating though I find that the owner is actually quit stingy, if not out-right greedy.  And, my work is constantly scrutinized, still no raise.  I suppose I should find another job, today I think I will fill out a few apps on my long walkabout, again.

Depression is gone, I’m happy to report.  Anitriptelene really works well, not only that but my cravings for opiates have gone down quite a bit, still there, but really diminished.

Intake:  Ø, day 6

I appreciate every comment

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