Sept 10 and 11, Thursday/Friday 2009 5/7 (got a raise, lots of parties, optimistic, Mom’s rant on hedonism)

Sept. 10

Intake: Ø day 2 (This was the day I buried Matt one year later. Odd that he did not enter anything except his intake, truly odd.)

Sept. 11

Today started off kind of sour.  I could really feel the depression start to come back, but once I got to work everything was a lot better.  I GOT A RAISE, I think to 8.50, which would be just great.  Work was quite busy, one of the busier night that I’ve worked.

After work I went and spent time with my new roommates; we smoked and had a few drinks.  It was really a lot of fun. We took a walk through the student neighborhoods; wow, Friday night, there was madness in every direction.  A lot of parties going on for sure–never really experienced that scene before.  It was really nice.  I am really optimistic about this new situation.

Intake: Ø day 3, smoked

(I was taken aback reading this. Matt is a hedonistic creep in most people’s eyes, yet he never experienced college party culture. Honestly, we just never did this–party to party. It just never occurred to us country people. What a dichotomy–Matt: drug addict, who never experienced the party lifestyle./ Upwardly mobile America who knew it well. Matt who could write a well-developed paragraph full of voice and depth./ Upwardly mobile America, who can’t write a paragraph without copying it from the internet, who can’t express a true thought, who can’t see past the leash that feeds them, who live for the next Twitter on Justin Bieber vomiting, who travel to foreign countries believing they will be honored and coddled, who consume more calories than the average beef cow, not satisfied with a 3000 sq ft house and a $40,000 car/personal computer/personal protection device/sexual expression of their fantasies… .  AND, this guy is happy to be getting how much an hour? Really? He is happy with that! Happy! Who is hedonistic now?

Sorry for being a bit terse. I just had another encounter today. Someone was going on about how parents don’t do this and that, and the kids become drug addicts. The guy who said it was honestly about #600, and I am not talking about his value. Maybe instead of sending all those flyers on education reform we should just send out a whole bunch of mirrors.

Matt’s mom)

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