Sept. 9, Wed. 2009 rated 5 (What my mind will do to me, home in 4 days)

Another day, another dollar.  I’m broke now, after my wonderful little drug-run of  the last few days.  Feel shitty about that still.  Whatever, it’s over now, and I have been shown quite severely what my mind will make me do to myself from time to time.  Can’t happen again.

Otherwise the day was average. I slept like 12 hours; drink+antidepressants will do that to a person.  I started the amiltryptelene again, depression was creeping in again today.  I know this time at least the medication will help with that.  I have enough to last the next 2 weeks at least.  After that I’ll be getting some more; just hope I can do a good long run without any narcs–get back on track.

I’ll be home in 4 days time, can’t wait.

Intake: Ø thank God, day 1

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