Sept. 14, Monday 2009 (so many dreams I would like to accomplish….)

Another good day today.  I woke up to an empty house, so I decided that I would help mom out by stacking some wood and splitting what was in back.  It felt nice to be drug free and outside in my old home.

Dick (my  husband) got home late afternoon and we worked on my Caprice a little bit, think we may be able to get that thing running well enough to sell, or possibly use in the future.

Dick and I also went out and got a big load of wood, for once I actually really enjoyed it.  Felt nice to be out in the woods.

Dick didn’t drink today, thankfully.  I feel so physically healthy it’s really nice not to be on the opiates.  I wish, pray, and hope I can come to terms with and continue sobriety.  I have so many dreams, so many plans that I would like to accomplish.

(A reminder to those out there: Matt hoped and planned, but didn’t accomplish these. My hope is for you. Hope is real and tangible. Hope is not a whim, a fleeting thought, a quickening of the heart; hope is a real understanding that this has potential. This is real. Please, make this happen–your dreams. Live them today!

Matt’s mom)

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