Wednesday October 7, 2009 rated 6 (Thinking about my life, need out, burn cruise)

Today was pretty cool.  I did a burn cruise with April (always a good time).  we took a drive out to Winneconie to see April’s new pad, and it is absolutely gorgeous!  Like a millionaire’s Palace!  I’m really happy for her.  I would consider her a good friend of mine. [I have no idea what this means. It just comes off wrong. But, I know/knew/will know Matt and I am sure he didn’t really expect anyone else to read these scribbles. I believe he was just saying that he felt she was a friend for sharing the fun in seeing her new place.  Matt’s mom]

I’ve been thinking a lot (still) about where I want to go with my life.  Just starting something is tough, I figure my best option would be to find a second place of employment and just work my buns off, save all the money and then move away to something better, my education, my life.  I am glad that I can at least think in a positive way now–need out, need out.

I appreciate every comment

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