Mon/Tues, Oct 12 and 13, 2009 rated 5 ( back on methadone and heroin! April OD’ed and met bad connection!)

First time I’ve seen snow all year–season.  Broke my streak today.  April also decided to treat me like garbage o a deal we were doing.  That’s really too bad. Intake:  Valium, 20 mg. methadone oral

Today was quite odd in so many ways.  April finally did it, finally f**ked everything up. She missed work, and Athena and I found her in the parking lot, basically nodding her head out.  I thought she had OD’ed she was that f*ked up.  Craig was called and showed up with her parents.  She was just acting absolutely wild, pissed at me because I took her keys and gave them to ____.  I guess Chris broke up with her; good for him as April really needs some help.  I think she is a sociopath and maybe nothing will ever work for her, except prison again.  Crazy night.  I brought this Jake guy over and he split some heroin with me, first time I’ve done that in quite a while.  Bad thing.  These people are bad news for me.

Intake:  Valium, 20 mg. methadone, heroin IV

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