End of first spiral instructions on back cover

Instructions for myself when I actually get to this end page!!


continue journaling until Jan. 13, 2010, at which time I will collect the 6 months of entries from July 13 — Jan. 13 and edit them , type them up, make a 6 month copy, laminate it, also memorialize these words electronically so as to ensure their survival in multiple ways.  Do this every sixth month for the rest of my life so I can leave an appropriate record for the next generations of my family and friends, as well as history at large!.

May God help me in this endeavor!

(So, after reading this last page of his first journal, I had to carry out his mission. So sad that the generations he expected to read this were to be his own children. Matthew really wanted kids and spoke about this hope often. Therefore, you all need to be this prodigy. Please help keep Matthew alive by passing this on, explaining this to others, and fighting against the casual prescription of opiods/opiates to the unsuspecting. I did as he would have wanted; I did some edits.  And, may God help me in this endeavor too.

Matt’s mom, Jane)

I appreciate every comment

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