October 19, Monday 2009, rated 5 (Epic battle drags on)

Warm day outside today.  I guess we get our “Indian summer’ in one dose on one day, too bad.  I bet it’ll be cold again tomorrow or in a few days; it’s all downhill from here.

Average day other than that, I’m starting another “off” period for opiates.  This will most likely last for about 10-12 days, unless Joey throws me something tomorrow (He owes me big, but he’s been a scum-bag lately.  I hold out little hope that he’ll ever set me up sans cash).  I’m looking to take a nice long run without the shit; I find that it’s really good for me, for my mind to be away from that shit.  I’m working towards the ultimate goal of being completely off someday soon—it’s been an epic battle, back and forth.  I need to win; I need to come out ahead on this one, for the first time in a long time I think that I can do it, my confidence builds with every multi-day run that I complete.

Some day soon, God willing, someday soon…

Intake Ø day 1

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