October 22, Thursday 2009, rated 5.5 (I wish I had taken care…, decay all over the place)

I broke my streak of sober today, scrambled up $20 from Don and bought 45 mg of morphine.  Too bad, it was an awful waste of money, as is always the case.

Work was short, 3 hours, and of course Tess was being worthless as always.  I finally brought my case before Elta, and she totally agreed with me.  I think the problem will be handled in short order, if not I think that Tess will be in danger of loosing her job, at least I hope she loses it.  She is just about as worthless as a cook as anything else.

I notice that my teeth are beginning to cavity and decay all over the place.  I need to see a dentist for some very serious work soon if I hope to ep them past age 30.  I really wish I had taken better care of them.  I’m beginning to become quite self-conscious about them.  I think they have kept me out of the love game to some extent.  I regret wasting and not taking better care of them.  I sure do now, but I think it may be too late to do anything about them.

Intake:  45 mg morphine IV SHIT!!!!! NO !!!!!

Day 1 tomorrow, Please……


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