October 26, Monday 2009 no rating

Went up to Cindy’s today, visited with her and Lennie for a while—helped Cindy go shopping at Aldis and Pick ‘n’ Save.  Her bottle was out, but I took noting—good for me.

Work was slow.  I worked with Jason, once again a great guy.

I took an extra 50 mg of amiltriptlene last night.  It didn’t help me sleep any more soundly, and I felt so dazed today, just way out of it.  Lucky for me this disappeared by the beginning of work.

Once again I feel like I may be getting sick.  Maybe it’s just my mind.  I hope I awake and I feel find, but who knows.  I may have the feared “swine flu”!!  I figure I’m strong and healthy enough to get over most any bug.  We’ll just see.

Intake: Ø day 4

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